The Wo[MAN] Under the Helmet

“You think I'm strong, you think I'm fearless…Even when I'm, I'm at my weakest. You always see the best in me when I can't. I wanna be the girl you think I am.” -Carrie Underwood (The Girl You Think I am)

I honestly believe I was born a fighter. My Daddy would probably tell you I came out of the womb screaming at a Green Bay Packer or NC State football game. Honestly, I think my Momma would agree whole-heartedly. If there was a television in the hospital on my “birth” day, I was probably screaming in the nursery until one of the nurses turned on some sort of football game. I often compare life lessons to football. If I'm being completely truthful, I compare life in general to football. Football is a team sport played by a collective group of people who are not only willing to fight for each other, but to willing fight for every yard gained or loss on the field. A football team, or at least a Green Bay Packer football team (haha), leaves every single drop of sweat, every leap of faith, any possible bit of emotion imaginable…everything…on the field. I feel like that is what I try and do in life……..but there is no way I could do that alone. It is an honor to say I have my own football team and two starters on that team, that play every single second of every single game with me, are my parents. Brent and Dawn Lee are not just my parents…the two of them are my cheerleaders, my nurses, my inspiration, my heroes, my partners and most of all, my teammates. If I had to compare them to a position on a football team, my parents would be my defense…and you best believe they play “lights-out” every game! Everyone knows, it's the defense that wins championships! My parents protect me. They make me strong. They make me fearless. They believe that I am strong, I am fearless, I am tough…even when I am at the weakest point possible. They see the very best in me and push to get the very best from me, even when I feel like I just can't or I have nothing left. I wanna be the girl my parents raised me to be.

“Cause you think I'm brave, and you think I'm beautiful. You think that I can do the impossible. You always see the best in me when I can't. I wanna be the girl you think I am.” -Carrie Underwood (The Girl You Think I am)

My husband is a Carolina Panther fan…and he's also a Duke fan. I've said it many times and I'll say it again, if Jonathan was a Tarheel fan…well, it just might have been a deal breaker! (haha…just kidding!) I can't tell you the countless number of days we've spent watching football together…me yelling for the Packers and Jonathan for the Panthers. Of course, I yell for NC State and Jonathan is always screaming for Duke. Hey, it works for us…except when our teams play each other! My husband enjoys football just about as much as I do, so I know he'll absolutely love the analogy I'm about to give. I like to consider myself the Quarterback of my team, like the amazing Aaron Rodgers or a hall-of-fame gunslinger like Brett Favre, but that would be inaccurate. Jonathan would be the Quarterback of my team without one shred of doubt in my mind. I don't know how he finds the strength to always keep me standing tall, to always have my back, and most importantly, to always see me as his beautiful wife. Every single day, my husband makes me believe I can do the impossible. I believe I can beat my disease because my husband is such a strong believer. Jonathan always sees the best in me and you better believe, he is always a part of my team. I am so lucky to have married my soulmate…I am so lucky to have MY Quarterback. I wanna be the girl he thinks I am.

“Cause you think I'm strong, and you think I'm fearless…Even when I'm, I'm at my weakest. You believe in me; yeah, you're my biggest fan. So, I wanna be the girl you think I am. I wanna be the girl you think I am.” -Carrie Underwood (The Girl You Think I am)

If you've read the book, you know I talk about this beautiful, amazing, sweet, sassy, loving little girl a whole heck of a lot. That specific bundle of joy is an almost six year old named, Logan Gale Thornton. I am absolutely beaming with pride every single time I get to call her my Niece. If I compared her to a specific football position, Logan would definitely be the star running back or wide receiver on my roster. My team just doesn't win without her! Logan knows that her Aunt Maegan is sick, but Logan never sees sickness when she looks at me. Logan doesn't see headaches or throwing up or ask about my recent procedure or doctor's visit…Logan sees her Aunt Maegan and in her eyes, I am a Superhero. Truthfully, Logan makes me feel like I scored the game winning touchdown each time I get to see her sweet face. Logan thinks I'm strong even when I can't get off the couch. She finds a way to believe in me, even when I don't believe in myself. Each and every day, I pray I can find a way to see myself through Logan's eyes. One day when she is older, I'll tell her how much she's a part of my team and how much she's changed that team for the better. I truly hope I can be the girl Logan thinks I am. I wanna be the Aunt Logan thinks I am.

I am not perfect. I will never claim to be. I just hope each and every day, I can be a better person than I was the day before. I hope I can be a better christian…a better wife…a better daughter…a better aunt. This is the wo[MAN] under the helmet. I am that woman…and you better believe, I am on a winning team!

My star Wide Receive/Running Back

MY Quarterback

The Defensive front

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