The book “Called To Suffer” was written by - Dr. Maegan Lee Thornton and Dawn Walton Lee

The book is about a mother and daughter's journey with chronic pain and suffering. In the book the daughter, Maegan, tells how it is to cope with chronic pain as the patient on a daily basis. The mother, Dawn, tells how it is to cope with chronic pain as the caregiver.The book is about how their life went from normal to a life filled with chronic pain and suffering.The books tells the dark side of the disease (CSF leaks) …. BUT the book also gives hope to those who struggle!!You will experience every emotion possible as you walk through this journey they are on. A journey with no end in sight….

You can order a copy of our book by clicking on the PayPal to the left of this page. You may pay with your PayPal account or any of the credit cards listed. We will ship the books to you. You may also send us a message on how you would like the books to be personalized. If you are in the Dunn area and would not like the book shipped send us a message and we will make arrangements to get the book to you. We do charge shipping. You pay whatever it cost us to ship the book. We make no money on the shipping cost.

Thank you for your interest in our book. It is our hope that this book will be a blessing to all those who read it!

Bob Paddock dropped our book off at Duke University School of Medicine for us. He received this letter and response from the librarian. It never occurred to any of us before, we have written the first books about Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leaks in the world.duke_book_letter.jpg

From Duke Medical School Librarian: “ I should have the books cataloged and in the collection by the end of the week. We have books on Cerebrospinal Fluid, but these will be the first of CFL.”

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